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Apr 28 2009

The Incredible Louise Fili

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One of my favorite designers, Louise Fili, has revised her site and I can report to say that it is absolutely, deliciously beautiful.

If you are not aware of Louise Fili’s work then you are in for a real treat. Louise specializes in logo, package, restaurant, type, book and book jacket design (her three loves are Type, Food, and Italy).

A bit of history
From 1976 to 1978 Louise was senior designer for Herb Lubalin. As Art Director for Pantheon Books (1978 to 1989), she designed over 2000 book jackets. Louise also has won numerous awards and medals and has taught and lectured on graphic design and typography. And as if she that’s not enough she has also co-authored (with Steven Heller, Lise Apatoff) and written several books. Her award winning designs and achievements have gained her an induction into the Art Directors Hall of Fame.

Her inspiration
She’s considered a Design Archaeologist because she searches and hunts down hard to find old typefaces, old books, tins, and other old packaging at flea markets. She’s inspired by 1920s and 1930s design and she masterfully blends these old styles into new simplistic, contemporary designs which have given her a world renowned reputation.

Her office and collections
You can find photos of Louise’s office and collections at Design*Sponge. If you haven’t been to Design*Sponge yet then I suggest calendaring some time for this site because it’s a given that you’re going to spend hours looking at all the cool and helpful stuff.

My own small efforts
Inspired by Louise Fili, I designed a label for a batch of homemade coffee liqueur. These bottled treats were given away as Season’s Greetings gifts.

Coffee Liqueur Label

Feb 29 2008

My Inspiration

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Inspiration is just about everywhere even in my dreams.

I remember very clearly what I was doing when the Creative Brainstorm lightening bolt hit me upside the head. I was in the middle of reading Maria and Charlie Girsch’s book Fanning The Creative Spirit and all of a sudden I realized that I needed to create a site that I could share inspiring stuff.

Where to start, how to go about it, what the heck was I doing, were some of the questions I was asking myself. Then I thought, who the heck cares, just get on with it and so I started collecting, writing, drawing, reading, photography, and designing. The point is is that I was being inspired and I was creating and this is what I had been looking for when I first started this crusade.

For me it comes down to putting myself in situations that make me think, dream, and create. What makes you inspired? Email me at heyyou [at] creativebrainstorm [dot] com. I’d love to write up an article about it.

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